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The modern obituary platform- remember, connect, donate all in one place.

Obit was created to pull the fragmented memories of loved ones out from the back pages of the newspaper, antiquated websites and social comment sections into one dedicated space to help us all grieve, mourn and remember together.

On Obit, tributes have a home. We believe everyone deserves to be remembered in one clean, beautiful, and respectful space. Obit is the proper place to remember, show love, and grieve together as a community.


Newspapers and other memorializing websites charge a substantial fee to list an obituary. Obit is absolutely free. Share life stories, arrangements, and memories while receiving support through condolences and crowdfunding.

The death of a loved one should never cause financial hardship for the family left behind. Obit joins the community together to help fund funeral costs, provide relief to families in need or raise money for charity.

We see humanity at its best.

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