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Arnulfo C Garcia Jr

October 28, 1952 - December 08, 2022
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Brandon Solarez

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Arnulfo C Garcia Jr

October 28, 1952 - December 08, 2022

Arnulfo C Garcia Jr, 70, of Tucson, Arizona, passed away on December 8, 2022, in Tucson.  He was born on October 28, 1952, in Tucson to Arnulfo M and Gloria (Coronel) Garcia Sr.  Arnulfo was most recently a maintenance worker but was known for being a talented jack-of-all-trades.

Arnulfo is survived by his spouse, Cecilia; mother, Gloria C Garcia; 2 sons, Armando and Mark; 5 sisters, Irene, Margie, Angie (Mike), Violet (Roberto), and Gricelda (Arnold); 3 brothers, Arnold (Alma), Jesus (Tres), and Carlos; and also 3 grandchildren, Julio, Nevaeh, and Solana.  He will also be dearly missed by many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.

Arnulfo is preceded in death by his father, Arnulfo M Garcia Sr;  1 son, Gabriel; and also 1 grandson, Marcos.

Services will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2023, at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Roman Catholic Church, located at 801 North Grande Avenue in Tucson.  Rosary will begin at 10:00am, with Mass immediately following at 10:30am.

My Dearest Brother Daddy

Today you went to heaven, my dear brother.  May you rest in peace.  I’m sure you had a lot of family welcoming you to heaven, especially your son, Gabe, and Dad, nephews, aunts and uncles.  Also nana Bridget and Tata Ramon.

You’re my angel bro.  Take care of all of us here and shine your light on us, especially Mom…she is really lost without you.  But us sisters and brothers will take care of her for you!!  Remember you’re her #1 for her.  Brother, send her strength and let her life be long, so we can have her longer. 

Brother, your love is unconditional to us sisters and brothers.  You being the oldest and take care of us all in your special way all these years.

Love you and always miss you.  Hugs and kisses
- From Brothers and Sisters

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Condolences 1

Vi Rod Thank you All who came to celebrate our brother's life. My brother Arnulfo, or "Deddy", as we called him. (I believe our grandmother gave him this nickname because he was so bossy.... "Well, that never changed.") I'll tell you what I know about my brother and how I saw him through my eyes. Deddy was twelve years older than me. One of my youngest memories of him was when we all lived at home. He was the oldest, while I was the youngest at the time. Dad, mom and all of us kids sitting around doing our own thing in the living room. He was a gymnast at Pueblo High and he'd just come home from practice. He'd come home to show-off his moves. One of his moves included handstands. He started to do handstands while walking with his hands through the living room. I think it left an impression on me because he could reach the ceiling with his toes. "Yes, I know, it is true that we lived in a small house with low ceilings, but I remember them being so high when I was a kid." Nonetheless, he always seems so strong to me. Being the youngest at home at the time, I was a bit spoiled by my brother. He took me places with him when he probably should have left me at home. Mom says that on the day he got married, he took me on the honeymoon night. "And with reason, his wife wasn't very happy about it." Though, it’s unclear to me if it was the first or second (Probably both) You know, as we get older life takes us in different paths, and as everyone knows, I am the one sister that's grown the most distant, yet it didn't matter how long we went without seeing each other, there was never any judgment. Our conversation would begin as if we had seen each other every day. It was the "How you doing Sis? What are you up to? Then, it would only take him seconds before he would come right up to your face and say. "Look at your face" "What cream are you using?" Then he would suggest that good ol "Oil of Olay or some type of face remedy!" And he'd say. "Look at my skin, then he'd offer some face regime he'd been using! It was true. My handsome brother had a beautiful complexion." It was clear that my brother was very vain, and he had a presence whenever he walked into a room. His presence demanded respect, he was smart, well spoken, tall, handsome, dapper, oh, and quite a charmer. "I often compared him to Erik Estrada." My Brother, my brother, he always had little gifts and treasures for us. His family meant the world to him. He loved his children - He lived his life for them. He didn't raise his first born, but I know he loved him just the same. I know, I remember, no one can take that memory from me. He loved his daughter Elaine (Cha-Cha), and his two boys he raised Gabriel, Mark, along with Markie Mark, Julio, and grandchildren. Brother, everyone who knew YOU, knew that aside from your troubles, you had a HUGE heart, You were VERY GIVING, and you never expected anything in return. "At one point in our lives, all of us had a lot, because of you!!" "You left quite a legacy brother" Losing you, brother, is difficult. It's difficult, because, out of all of us, brothers, and sisters. We all know you were mom's "Rock" We all know that mom was number one for you! Yes, you gave her some heartaches, But we also know that she was your HEART, you never forgot her, and you always took care of her. We will do our best, brother, to fill your shoes and keep her strong. Deddy, you may not have lived a perfect life, but find peace in knowing that YOU touched OUR heart and life, at some point in YOUR life, and know that you will live-on...IN ALL OF OUR MEMORIES. Love you, Garcia! Your Sissy, Violet 🌸💜
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